BBA Philosophies & Guidelines

I. Brookings Basketball Association Team Structure

The Brookings Basketball Association (BBA) will divide each participant into their respective grade level for practices and games. Each respective grade will practice as one team, the Brookings Bobcats; however, it may be necessary to divide the participants into smaller teams for tournaments and games to ensure appropriate playing time for each participant.

Aspects of practice may require break-out sessions in which participants will practice in smaller groups for preparation for tournaments and games. The coaches at each respective grade level are expected to clearly define expectations to the parents and players.

II. Playing Time

To enhance the skill development of the youth athletes participating in basketball under the guidance of the BBA, the following standards have been set by the BBA Board of Directors:

    1. Each player who attends practice regularly and puts forth the effort expected by the BBA and their respective coaches will be rewarded with playing time to enhance the ability to develop their skill sets on the basketball court.

    2. Expectations from the BBA and the Coaches will be communicated to the players and parents prior to, or at the first practice. This includes the coach’s plans for creating skills-based teams for the purpose of playing in tournaments.

    3. Grades 1-2. It is not recommended that participants in grades 1-2 participate in games or tournaments.

    4. Grade 3. BBA recommends that participants in the 3rd grade play a minimal number of games that are not highly competitive in design. Play provided through the BBA league is a good example of the types of games appropriate for Grade 3. All players should receive equal playing time.

    5. Grades 4-6. The BBA encourages teams at this level to seek opportunities to play games and participate in competitive tournaments. Effort will be made to supply all players with equal playing time.

    6. Grades 7-8. See Section IV, 7th and 8th Grade.

    7. Should a player demonstrate unsportsmanlike conduct on the court towards the opposing team or his/her own teammates or coaches, get into foul trouble during the game, or receive an injury during a game, at the coach's discretion, a player may see less playing time than noted above.

    8. The BBA or Coaches reserve the right to sit a player out a game(s) or tournament(s) for conduct or actions detrimental to their team or the BBA.

    9. Each Team’s head coach will determine the number of games their team will play each season.

 III. Select Team 

    1. While maintaining consistency with the Playing Time Guidelines as detailed above, coaches at each respective grade level have the option of dividing players in to teams based on skill to compete in tournaments that compose an appropriate level of competition for the players. Players who choose to participate should be guaranteed playing time.

    2. Criteria used to organize into skills-based teams should include measurable skills test. In addition, coaches should factor in observations from games/scrimmages. Selecting teams is not an exact science and can be rather subjective. The coaching staff's decisions are final.

 IV. 7th And 8th Grade 

    1. BBA recognizes that some teams in the 7th and 8th grades may want to organize and compete in games either before or after the designated time for Brookings School Basketball. (These teams are not allowed to practice or compete in games during the designated School Basketball season.)

    2. BBA will not provide organizational support for the 7th and 8th grades. However, teams can register with BBA via application process and have designation as a BBA organization. Access to BBA jerseys will also be provided.

    3. Application Process: A team comprised of players in the 7th or 8th grade may apply for BBA membership if they are organized by a coach(s) and have a defined player roster. The application will be separate from the on-line system. Coaches will need to complete a background check and players will need to sign the Waiver of Liability and provide proof of medical coverage.

    4. The BBA board will review and approve applications on a case-by-case basis.

    5. BBA will NOT organize gym space or provide coaches or coach’s assistance.

    6. The cost for registering a 7th or 8th grade team will be determined prior to registration each year. Please contact the BBA president for cost information.

    7. This strictly applies to only grades 7 and 8.

V. Season Ending Dates

The BBA season typically starts around the first week in November. Grades will end their seasons based on the following schedule:

    • Grades 1-2 – End practices the end of January

    • Grades 3-4 – End practices the end of February

    • Grades 5-6 – End practices the end of March

Grades may extend their practice schedule if they plan to compete in tournaments that take place after their established ending date. In this case, all participants in that grade must be given the option to continue to participate in games and/or practices. Coaches must notify the BBA president if they intend to extend their season to ensure that gym space is available.

 VI. Uniform Policy 

    1. Players will wear their uniform to their games and tournaments only.


Revised: June 18, 2018

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